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  • 94.29% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 1 of 4: Great place to live
    My husband and I have lived in VP for a year now. We were joined by our daughter, home from school over the summer. VP has been a great place to have family and friends come visit. The staff go above and beyond, They're very accommodating and great at what they do. We like all the neighbors we've met so far, there's been some turn over, we like the diversity. Here's the adjustments we've had: Having downsized from a house, has been a shift. Especially the lack of picking the appliances. Meh, on the appliances and fixtures; I'd up-grade if I could (not the laundry though, that's 5stars). All-and-all I it has all been pretty seamless. We'll be staying on. Dallas and VP have become home! Our biggest issue is the traffic noise on Davis early in the morning. The potholes make the road CRAZY NOISY AT 5am with trailers and busses hitting the bumps...boooooo! We like a breeze and open windows when the weather allows. Not possible with the potholes; and we moved from Metro Detroit-the potholes here are worse than back in Michigan. Wouldn't have thought that possible.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 2 of 4: Fantastic staff, building and location, location, location..
    Victor Prosper's two buildings are cool and well done! The VP staff are exceptionally responsive and helpful and courteous. AND, the location in Bishop Arts is awesome with great, cool places to eat and hang out just steps away!.
  • 88.57% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 4: GREAT STAFF
    I have to tell you how GREAT the office staff is. Laura, Jenna, Sydne, Mackenzie do an amazing job. They are very responsive to any requests. They work with you to make everything flow smoothly. I had a GREAT experience when I moved out and they even took great care of me when I was no longer a resident. GREAT place to live!!
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 4 of 4: Best place in Dallas to call home!
    I cannot say enough great things about this property. Amazing location, amazing apartments, and amazing staff! I love being in walking distance of all of the best restaurants. The management company truly goes above and beyond for their residents. Sean and Taylor in the leasing office have been nothing but kind and helpful any time I need anything at all! They are always so warm and welcoming! The property manager Laura, and assistant managers Allison and Jenna have been nothing short of amazing. They take time out of their busy days to really know their residents. I don't think I will ever leave this place. I am so happy to call Victor Prosper my home!